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Oktoberfest officially starts today

Today is the official start of Oktoberfest which also happens to coincide with the first day of Autumn—I guess that means it’s also time to start officially drinking the harvest beers! (Of course we all have already, but who’s counting?)

Oktoberfest runs from September 22 through October 7 this year, and the official Munich Oktoberfest celebration—the 179th—is expecting a mind-boggling seven million visitors during these next two weeks. When you consider that amount of people are there to basically drink one style of beer (and only Oktoberfestbier that is brewed by the six official Munich brewers of same) that really puts some perspective on the idea of a beer festival. Or it makes it even harder to get your head around, maybe.

For me, the Oktoberfest/Märzen-style of beers (and beers brewed to a similar malty, lightly roasty, easy-drinking profile) are one of my favorite styles, so this is a great time of year—the maltier, chewier beers complement the cooling weather and fall colors really well. Along with the fresh hop beers and pumpkin beers (definitely a favorite type of beer!) there’s a lot for to like.