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Oregon Brewers Festival and Beer Blogger Meetup

Last month I’d written a small bit about the Oregon Brewers Festival and a possible blogger meetup. Since then, everyone ran with the ball (follow the general threads here, here, and here), and it’s a done deal: there will be a beer blogger meetup on Friday, July 28th, at and after 5pm, at the Rogue Ales Public House.

And, at this point I think I’ve got it pretty well locked in that I’m going to the Brewfest this year… so I’m all excited! Nothing’s written in stone yet, but here are my general plans, I think:

Of course, there’s a bit of leeway with that schedule. I’m thinking I’d like to stay downtown somewhere within walking distance of everything… but we’ll see. I need to call my best friend in Portland too, to see if he can go (and perhaps end up with a less costly lodging option!).

More details as we go. I’ll also take the camera and laptop and try to blog everything in a timely manner…