OBF 2006: Other blogs

So even though I was off most of this past week, I’ve been following some writeups of the Oregon Brewers Festival from other blogs. Beervana has some really good writeups, as does the Brookston Beer Bulletin, both blogs wrote quite a bit.

Bad Ben’s Brewing Blog had a post with a few pictures (I wonder if the $100 bill is for show?). Andy at Rooftop Brew has a couple of posts.

I have yet to see any blogging from SudsPundit, especially considering they were going to be at the blogger meetup that I missed… I’m hoping they’ll have a bunch to write when they’re able.

And then, of course, there’s a bunch of hits on Technorati you can check out. I haven’t read all of those, but I’ll be perusing to see what’s there.