OBF 2006: More blogs

Ran across a few more blog writeups of the Brewfest. Good ones, too.

  • Brüfested (cyclotram): Good writeup, funny too ("OMG HOPPY"). Nice selection of tasted beers.
  • Oregon Brewers Festval 2006 – Saturday Report (Gone Ronin): Holy crap he tried a lot of beers… good notes here, too.
  • Beer and then some. (Chattering Magpie): Someone else who drank a lot—nearly 30 beers. Though to be fair, they were spaced out over the three days… Notes cover beer, brewer, alcohol and IBUs. Nice.

All good stuff. Though I find it somewhat ironic that most of the reviews of the Ned Flanders Red were favorable when I thought that beer was just vile… And I haven’t seen too many reviews of the Rogue Brewer. I’d say that was way hoppier than Pliny the Elder…


  1. Hey, atul from cyclotram here. Thanks for the shout out.

    I didn’t get to Rogue’s Brewer at the festival, but it turns out that it’s on tap up at the Rogue pub on Flanders, or at least it was yesterday. Whoa. It’s as great as everyone’s been saying. At least if you’re a hop dork like me. I expect it will hold very little appeal for the Mike’s Hard Lemonade crowd. Which is fine. More Brewer for the rest of us, that way.

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