Oregon Brewers Festival! Who’s going?

Oregon Brewers FestivalI am!

The Oregon Brewers Festival starts up in just under two weeks, and I plan on being there Friday and Saturday. I’ll be taking notes, taking pictures, and my plan is to make it more of a "blogging" trip, if I can: try to be more involved with the overall Fest with an eye towards the writing/documenting part of things… (Does that make sense?)

So, other bloggers going again this year? If so, we should try to meet up at the Fest; I didn’t do so good last year with the planned Friday night meeting, and I can’t swear I’d make it to another offsite meetup—but at the Festival would work. Maybe we could commandeer a table and put a big "Beer Bloggers" sign on it?

At any rate, I’m excited about going this year (their 20th Annual!) and am going to have fun with it. I notice that at the bottom of the Fest pages they have a "Brewfest Countdown" JavaScript applet that shows a realtime countdown until the Fest starts—currently 9 days, 10 hours, 11 minute and a handful of seconds as I write this—and I like the idea so much, I’m going to be doing periodic "OBF Countdown" posts over the next week and a half or so.


  1. Ah, I saw the Belmont Station meetup you’re putting together on Sunday, but unfortunately that’s the day I’m leaving back for Bend… so I can’t make it. Bummer.

    And, nice shirt too. 😉

  2. Man, I was just up there for the PIB…I wonder how the wife will take the idea of me ditching her for another trip to PDX for OBF, I mean really WTF. What to do. Is the wife going with you Jon?

  3. We’re going. We’ve already figured out what booths we HAVE to hit and which ones we’d LIKE to hit. We’ll be there from Thurs. until Sun. Weeeeeeee

  4. BOR: The family might come to Portland with me (don’t know for sure yet), but they’d likely not attend the fest.

    Cuppas: I’m making my list of must-tries too. I’ll be posting that sometime soon.

  5. You wouldn’t let us go with you because we might "ruin your experience".

    You might want to call Justin and let him know YOUR plans with him, cause it’s been months since you talked about it and where you’re staying. 😛

    Oh, did you remember to take off work 😉

  6. You wouldn’t let us go with you because we might "ruin your experience".

    lol! We started a tradition many years back of going to the fest on Friday and we had a strict "no women" rule until five pm. But it started when they weren’t as interested in beer and detracted from our serious drinking. Now all the women I know (except one, whom I’m converting) like beer as well as we do, and so the whole system seems unnecessary. So this is heartily amusing.

  7. Hmmmmmmmmm Jeff. I have gone before, 8 years ago, but I was pregnant and had a good time drinking the free root beer (for those driving or children or prego). Jon wants to go to have "his" vacation and no distractions as he writes up his notes. That is up to him, but as far as offering up a DD, I have offered, if the family goes to portland.

    Personally, I think a "no woman" rule is crap and because this is Jon’s blog and he is very serious about his critiquing of beer, I will refrain from what I really think and just go with that.

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