OBF day!

I’m off to the Oregon Brewers Festival today—leaving shortly and driving to Portland. I’ll be picking up my press kit (as a blogger, I get full media privileges—how cool is that?) and start sampling beers somewhere around noon to 1:30, if all goes well.

I’m wearing a white Arrogant Bastard t-shirt and jean shorts, and will have a black and green shoulder bag slung over me, if anyone wants to meet. I’m the brown-haired guy with the goatee.

Alternatively, you can try calling and leaving me a message—I’ve signed up with the free service PrivatePhone, which assigns me a phone number for anyone to call and leave a voicemail that I can check from my phone. (I don’t quite feel right about publishing my cellphone number for all the world to see…) I’ll check messages every hour or so (maybe more frequently), and that number is 360-362-1627.

Off I go!


  1. We were there that day and time! I hadn’t read your blog though, so I missed this entry. Wonder if we passed each other? We staked out Trailer 3 & 6 for the most part.

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