OBF Countdown: Gear and prep

OBF CountdownGetting close to the Oregon Brewers Festival this week, and I’m thinking about what to take and carry while I’m there, wandering around the park. One thing to keep in mind is hydration—that’s probably the most important thing, because not only are you (potentially) drinking a lot of beer, but you’re out in the heat the entire time you’re there. (Of course, they have water available—but when there are thousands of people there, I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.)

Here’s a list of what I’m thinking I’ll have with me:

  • Light backpack or messenger bag to hold this stuff, plus room to hold extras or souvenirs I pick up
  • Bottled water; at least 2 pints worth, sealed: they won’t allow unsealed containers in (they could potentially contain outside alcohol)
  • Notebook and pen(s)
  • Digital camera with extra batteries
  • Sun gear: Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat
  • List of brewers and beers (with the must-tries highlighted)
  • Snack food—something like trail mix or nuts; there will be food vendors at the fest for meals, but something in between to keep the carbs up and the stomach not too empty is good too
  • Aspirin
  • Wet wipes, or kleenex, or a small hand towel or something—hey, spills happen

As far as clothing goes, a light-colored shirt (darker colors absorb more sunlight and therefore heat), and comfortable shoes (lots of walking) are a must.

Also, I’m thinking vitamin B would be a good idea, too—before the drinking starts. A big dose of B (and hydration) goes a long way toward preventing the hangover that you may be in for otherwise.


  1. Good god, man, you can be overprepared! They’ve also been really good in the past few years about having adequate drinking water available, which I really appreciate.

  2. hahahah nah, most of the weight is the water bottles. I’d have the camera and notebook with me anyway and I’ve done several brewfests where I’ve had to awkwardly tote stuff around with me and *wish* I’d brought a bigger bag…

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