OBF Buzz Tent

In my previous beer picks post for this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival I did of course completely ignore the “Buzz Tent” beers. You remember the Buzz Tent:

Each July, brewers from around the country send one single product to be poured in the main tents of the Oregon Brewers Festival. In addition, we’ve solicited a collection of beers from our participating brewers to feature in our Buzz Tent. These beers run the gambit from old favorites to new creations, experimental beers to those well off the beaten path. These beers are highly prized, very expensive, and our selection is very limited in quantity.

The only reason I didn’t mention it on the pick list is that, despite there being so many good beers, there’s no way to know when any of those beers will go on tap—you’ll have to follow the @OBFBuzzTent Twitter account to see when that happens.

This is a pretty amazing list of beers though; you can see it yourself on the “What’s Hot” page of the OBF site. And you might even see me hanging around as well!