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OBF beers day 1

Thursday opening day of the Oregon Brewers Festival was a busy beer drinking day for me: I only sampled four beers via token but I also had the 15 samples from the blogger preview so by the time I left about 4:30 (where I headed on up to the Tugboat Brewery for another beer) I had tried 19 samples total at the Fest.

You can read the reviews of the 15 on the preview post, and the other four I tried are here:

Orange Kush, Ale Industries; 4.5%abv, wheat with Spanish orange peel, coriander, and Egyptian chamomile. Mellow, spicy-ish notes, orange blossom and herbal in the nose. Minty and herbal in flavor, with chamomile popping out (Juicy Fruit-like). Reminds me of tea. A touch of orange on the tongue but not strong. Crisp, dry(ish) finish, and I keep thinking “tea” as I drink. [North tent, trailer 9]

Peach Hefeweizen, Laht Neppur; 5.6%abv, peaches, peach concentrate, a bit of milk sugar over a 35% wheat grain bill. Subtle but with the earthy stone fruit character that I remember from homebrewing with apricots (kind of a nice aroma that I like). It’s earthy, and a bit heavy, but not too bad. [South tent, trailer 2]

Wu C.R.E.A.M., Coalition; 4.8%abv, straight-up cream ale. A nicely hoppy example of a cream ale; it’s a bit catty in the nose. It’s malty and has a bit of… heaviness(?) to it, but it’s nicely drinkable.

Super Gin Dog Ale, Lucky Lab, Buzz Tent. I picked this up in the Buzz Tent but I have no stats on this: my assumption is that it might be aged in gin barrels? At any rate, it’s bitter, woody, with maybe a hint of “gin” (juniper)… kind of a juniper-y essence tempered by a clean, “cool” malt body. Clean. But not as notable as I would have hoped.