The NY Times likes Portland for beer

Portland, Oregon made the New York Times’ travel section in a big article about the brewery scene there. It’s a decent piece—nothing earth-shaking, but pretty cool for the coverage it gives. They highlight a half-dozen or so breweries, plus the Horse Brass Pub.

Portland has more breweries – 28 – than any other city in the nation if not the world, and it has arguably become one of the best destinations anywhere for beer-tasting….

"It’s beer; it’s not a Michelangelo," Mr. Nelson quipped about his brews.

And perhaps that sums up Portland’s beer culture at the moment. Good beer has become so commonplace that it has blended comfortably into the fabric of social life. Instead of fancy distractions, a big scene or a big screen, there is simply craft beer and a craft of another sort – the art of talking.

The breweries they write up are Widmer, BridgePort, Concordia Brewery (at McMenamins Kennedy School), Hair of the Dog, the Horse Brass (the one non-brewery), and one of my favorities, the Tugboat. I’ve been to each of them, except Hair of the Dog, and I can confidently say that they’re all excellent places.

Via alt.portland.