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The next Session will be SMaSHing

The Session for July 2017 has been announced, and it is being hosted by my friend and fellow Bend beer blogger Mark Lindner: SMaSH Beers.

“SMaSH” is an acronym for Single Malt and Single Hop; essentially, these are beers brewed as advertised, with one variety of malt and one variety of hop. Brewers can certainly get creative within those boundaries but in general the idea is to let the characteristics of the individual ingredients shine.

Mark writes:

Our local, annual SMaSH Fest, part of Central Oregon Beer Week, happened two weekends ago. Sadly, I missed it this year due to a bout of illness. When considering whether I was going to make it or not, I jokingly asked myself if single malt and single hop beers can be considered a “thing” (trendy, etc.) until we have coffee-infused, barrel-aged, and fruit SMaSH beers. Maybe we do; I have not seen them yet though.

Here are some potential directions you could consider:

  • Answer my question above. Are they trendy? When would they be considered to be trendy? Have you seen/had a variant (x-infused, fruit, …) single malt and single hop beer? More than one?
  • What purpose do SMaSH beers fill? For you, personally, and/or generally.
  • Do they fill a niche in any beer style space? One that matters to you? Are they a “style,” however you define that?
  • Have you ever had an excellent one? As a SMaSH beer or as a beer, period.
  • Do you brew them?
  • Are there any styles besides pale ale/IPA that can be achieved via a single malt and single hop beer? (How about achieved versus done quite well.)
  • Do they offer anything to drinkers, especially non-brewing drinkers?

I consider this to be wide open and am interested in your thoughts, whatever they are, regarding SMaSH beers. I sincerely hope this is not too limiting of a topic in the number of people who have tasted and/or brewed single malt and single hop beers.

He offers a list of resources for further inspiration as well.

If you participate (and you should!), write your July Session post by Friday, July 7 (though if you happen to be a bit late as I am sometimes, I’m sure that’s okay too!) and leave a comment on the original post.