The next Session: Why blog?

The next Session has been announced for April, and it’s being hosted by Angelo of Brewpublic: What Drives Beer Bloggers?

Angelo has crafted a thoughtful introduction to this topic—go read it—and asks,

But why do people decide to start a blog (Okay, so not all “blogs” are personal. Many breweries have recognized the value of social media in modern society)? One thing seems true of most blogs: they are easy to start. All you need is a a computer and a rudimentary understanding of the Internet to initiate your meanderings. The difficulty resides in keeping up with content and reaching an audience. What draws folks to your site? And, what makes you think people want to read what you write?

Your mission as a craft beverage blogger reading this post, should you choose to accept it, is to compose a post on the topic of “What Drives Beer Bloggers.” There are no rigid guidelines about how to write about this topic but we’d certainly love to hear about the history behind your blog, your purpose in creating it, its evolution, and/or what your goals in keeping it going.

The Session #62 takes place on Friday, April 6. To participate, write a post on this topic and link it back to the original Brewpublic Session post, or post a link to it on Brewpublic directly in the comments.