The next Session: Local beer (again but different)

I’m behind on posting this, but the next Session—number 61, taking place on Friday, March 2nd—is being hosted by Matt at the Hoosier Beer Geek and the topic is “What makes local beer better?

The topic I’ve been thinking about is local beer. The term is being used by just about every craft brewer in the country.   What does it really mean though?  Is it more of a marketing term or is there substance behind the moniker? This month I want to think about what makes local beer better?  I’m not just talking about the beer itself, although it’s the focal point, but what makes local beer better?  My connection to local beer is far from thinking that my beer is actually “local.” Maybe you don’t agree with me, and you can write about that. Bonus points for writing about your favorite local beer and the settings around it being local to you.

This isn’t the first time the Session has been on the topic of Local Beer: the first was #4 way back in 2007 albeit that topic was more “guidebook” rather than “why it’s better.”

To participate, write a blog post about the topic on Friday, March 2nd, and submit a comment linking to that post on the Hoosier Beer Geek blog, or send Matt an email with the details at hoosierbeergeek -at- gmail -dot- com.