The next Session: Discomfort

The SessionThe next edition of The Session, taking place on Friday, January 6, is being hosted by Alec Latham of “mostly about beer……..” and his topic is Discomfort Beer:

For Session 119 I’d like you to write about which/what kind of beers took you out of your comfort zones. Beers you weren’t sure whether you didn’t like, or whether you just needed to adjust to. Also, this can’t include beers that were compromised, defective, flat, off etc because this is about deliberate styles. It would be interesting to see if these experiences are similar in different countries.

I think this could be a good archive for people researching fads, the origins of styles and the dearths of others – but especially how new ones were initially perceived.

He prefaces the topic with a story of the first time he tried a Black IPA (or Casacdian Dark Ale, if you prefer) without knowing it was supposed to be anything other than a stout. I’m sure we’ve all had similar stories to that over the years—so write about it! And on Friday the 6th be sure to send Alec a link for his roundup.