The next Session: Brewing & Drinking

I’m late pointing this out, but the January Session was announced a few weeks ago, and it’s being hosted by The Home Brew Manual with the topic “Brewers and Drinkers,” exploring the relationship between drinking and brewing your own beer:

Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and how it’s made. Do you brew? If so why? If not, why not? How does that affect your enjoyment of drinking beer?

Here are some things to think about if you’re stuck:

  • Do you need to brew to appreciate beer?
  • Do you enjoy beer more not knowing how it’s made?
  • If you brew, can you still drink a beer just for fun?
  • Can you brew without being an analytical drinker?
  • Do brewers get to the point where they’re more impressed by technical achievements than sensory delight?
  • Does more knowledge increase your awe in front of a truly excellent beer?

It takes place this upcoming Friday, January 4—the first Session post of the new year! Post your thoughts, then leave a comment on the original post linking back to your entry.