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A look at the new(ish) Bier Stein

A few weeks ago I was in Eugene for a day on a non-beer-related trip, and found time to swing by the “new” Bier Stein for a quick beer and snack. I write “new” but really they moved into their space on Willamette and 16th almost a year ago, in April—but I hadn’t yet been so it’s new to me!

It’s super impressive, with tons of space, a fantastic bar with real-time taplist on a couple of LCD screens, and of course the huge selection of bottled and canned beers that you can open there or purchase to go (you get a 20% discount if you take them). I enjoyed an Agrarian Ales beer, Wee Hoppy, their hop-infused Winter Warmer that reminded me more of an Imperial IPA, being rather more hop-forward than malty. It was also the very first of Agrarian’s beers that I’ve sampled, incidentally. It paired well with the soft pretzel I ordered, which came with cheese sauce and mustard sauce—and the mustard sauce was amazing.

Overall, I can’t help but agree with an assessment I remember seeing from someone after they moved into the new location last year, that the Bier Stein is one of the best beer bars around. It’s definitely a must-visit when you’re in Eugene.

Some pictures that I took while there:

The same refrigerated case as above, just from the other end.