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New York beer trail

Well, here’s one: Lawmakers seek to create New York beer trail.

A bill making its way through the Legislature aims to create a New York state beer trail, similar to those the wine industry has successfully used to attract millions of oenophiles to the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley and eastern Long Island. Sponsors of the legislation say it will highlight the reemergence of breweries in New York and help brewers cash-in on the popularity of their oatmeal stouts, India pale ales and bitters.

"Such a rich history of the brewing industry is here and we ought to be exploiting that if we can," said Lentol, whose district was the home of original Schaeffer brewery and currently hosts the Brooklyn Brewery, a regionally well-known outfit. "I can’t think of any other state except Wisconsin that has as much brewing tradition as New York. It’s part of our heritage."

Under the bill, which has already passed the Senate, the Empire State Brewery Trails Program would create an "I Love NY Beer" promotion that will include a brewery trail, vacation itineraries, and "brewery passports" with information on breweries and surrounding attractions as well as discounts and other incentives visitors can take advantage of.

Okay. We’ll see how well this works; I know when I think "New York," beer is not the first (or second, or third) thing to come to mind.

Via UtterlyBoring. Jake incidentally wonders why the Oregon tourism board isn’t doing this. My best guess is we Oregonians prefer to drink our beer rather that just talk about it :).