New brewery coming to The Dalles, Oregon: Abraxus Brewing

This weekend I was talking with a vintner from Hood River about wine, wineries, fruit picking, and such in The Gorge (i.e., the Columbia River Gorge region), and he mentioned that there was a new brewery that was going to be opening in The Dalles. He couldn’t remember the name, and indicated that it was still a couple of months from opening, but it was news to me.

So, I’ve done a preliminary search online and seem to have confirmed it: there’s a new brewery that will be opening in The Dalles—Abraxus Brewing Company.

The Beer Me! site already has an entry for it (dated just under two weeks ago):

1714 East Ninth Street #17
The Dalles OR 97058
Telephone: +1 541-300-9091

And it looks as though I’ve found the CEO’s LinkedIn page, naming him as Ray Bustos.

A Google Maps search places the location at the east end of a road named the “Brewery Grade” and, more interestingly, this brief Dalles Chronicle article from this past March mentions “the redevelopment of the old flour mill and the old brewery across the street” from the “Brewery Grade intersection reconstruction.”

That’s all I have right now. Next steps, I’ll try calling the number given and see if I can find out more. Know something about Abraxus Brewing? Drop me a line and I’ll check it out!