New blog following a brewery start-up

I don’t know if I’d call starting a small brewery a "start-up" (like a Bay Area tech company or something) but I like it. Joey of Cigar City Brewing writes:

I’m opening a small batch brewery in Tampa, FL and when I started I decided that I’d blog the entire process from start up on into production. We are currently about 3 months from opening and I think the blog is interesting both for people who are into craft beer and for people who have ever dreamed of opening a brewery. We have documented a lot of the major steps along the way which we think would be of interest to both craft beer fans and brewers.

I think I fit into both categories (into craft beer and (pipe)dreamed of opening a brewery), and since there seems to be a dearth of breweries in Florida this is doubly interesting. They’re already brewing test batches, too (I presume in somebody’s kitchen somewhere; I haven’t read that far yet).

The first link I posted above is to their actual website, which is still under construction; the blog itself is here. I’ve subscribed, you should too.


  1. That’s kind of a cool idea, especially for those who have seriously thought about opening their own brewery. Micro brewery is big business nowadays (pun definitely intended, booya!), which is just the way I like it.

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