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A new Beer Advent Calendar

This is the seventh year in a row that I’ve been doing the Beer Advent Calendar and I love to find others doing similar things—like the “real” beer calendars such as this one or this one, or other bloggers with the same ideas (Advent calendars, “12 beers of Christmas”, etc.). So I was thrilled to find that Seacoast Beverage Lab has teamed up with 2beerguys to write another Beer Advent Calendar in the same vein as what I’m doing:

[We] decided to host a collaborative Beer Advent Calendar. Each day you will read a review of a beer written by bloggers you may or may not know. Our goal was to have 30 different bloggers writing a review of a different beer, totaling 31 for the month.

I like the format as well: they’ll have a summary view of all the beers, but the review/write-up for each beer itself will reside on the other contributors’ blogs.

So fun! I can’t wait to see the beer picks they come up with, and see if there will be any crossover with the ones I’ve picked this year.