Mount Carmel Brewing Company

This is like every serious homebrewer’s dream: the Mount Carmel Brewing Company, in Cincinnati, is being run out of the guy’s basement. This is a great article on it:

Somehow, the term "microbrewery" doesn’t capture just how small the tri-state’s newest commercial brewer is.

If the Oldenburg Brewery in Fort Mitchell and the BarrelHouse Brewing Co. in Over-the-Rhine were microbreweries, then Mount Carmel Brewing Co. is at best a minibrewery … maybe a micro-minibrewery.

The month-old venture occupies just 250 square feet in part of the basement of owners Mike and Kathleen Dewey’s home in, where else, Mount Carmel. It has an annual production capacity of less than 1,000 barrels of beer and no employees….

Dewey’s been homebrewing non-commercially for about three years. He serves as Mount Carmel’s co-owner, CEO, brewmaster, taster, deliveryman, and the guy who cleans the spent grains out of the brewing equipment after every 55-gallon batch….

When he delivered the first batch recently to Nicholson’s, Greg Wiley, the group’s corporate bar manager, told him, "You can expect this to be gone in a couple of weeks." Then he called back later that day and said that at the rate it was selling, it wouldn’t last the night. And it didn’t.

"We put it on that day. The staff got fired up about it. They recommended it to every customer that came in and we blew that keg that night," Wiley said. "I don’t think we’ve ever done that before."

His own brewing operation and he sells out on the first time… awesome. That’s totally where I’d want to be :)

And I actually consider the term "picobrewery" to be the official designation of a brewery that produces 1,000 or less barrels of beer per year… I don’t think I’ve seen a better case of it applying than to this one. 250 square feet. Some kind of record maybe.