Mountain Town Station review

From the Lansing State Journal comes a review of the Mountain Town Station Brewing Company that sounds neat.

Mountain Town Station Brewing Company and Steakhouse, 506 W. Broadway, is housed in a former railroad depot and offers a cool, charming dining experience….

Mountain Town brews eight beers; a sampler platter ($5.95) lets you try 6 ounces of six beers. The Railyard Raspberry Wheat is a light American wheat beer mixed with more than 250 pounds of raspberry puree, and it shows. They even brew their own low-carb beer, MTS Ultra Lite, and it’s worlds better than what you’ll find in stores.

Can’t say as their website is that impressive, though; they don’t appear to list their beers anywhere online, so that’s lame.


  1. I really wouldn’t call my web-site lame. We have full PDF menu printing, on-line gift certificate purchases that prints directly to your printer, 360 degree virtual tours of the interior, 802.11g hot spot, dinner train menu, schedule and prices and monhly newsletter signup.

    On a side note, if you click on Menu then pick Mountain Town Brews it will show you a list of our beers which have been there since we started our website.

  2. I didn’t call the website itself lame, I said it’s not that impressive to me; what I said was lame was that I couldn’t find the beer list. However, once I took another look today I did indeed find the list, on the drop-down with the other menu items. It wasn’t overly obvious to me.

    The site itself is far better than quite a lot of brewery sites on the web, absolutely. What I’d like to see is more information about the beers (not just a list), about the brewery/brewers, etc. How about brew gear beyond just gift certificates? T-shirts, mugs? That would be cool, too.

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