More beer sites

Following up on my earlier post about beer-related websites, here’s some more.

  • PubCrawler: A directory-type site that offers user reviews, decent enough brewery listings, upcoming events. Honestly, though, it makes my eyes bleed.
  • RateBeer: User ratings of beer. Seems to have a better, more logical structure than the other similar types of sites; the events calendar is the best I’ve seen (color-coded by region: nice), with each event clickable to a detail page (as it should be).
  • A Good Beer Blog: I’m gradually finding blogs on beer, and this is a winner. Particularly apropos is this entry on Other Beer Blogs, which I swear I didn’t read before I started this entry…
  • Beer News: News about beer culled from a variety of sources.


  1. We are hunting each other out it seems. It is quite a quiet area of blogging – which seems odd to me. Let’s form a confederacy.

  2. I am starting to think we are a Confederacy of two! I wonder if I can rig and RSS feed of your posts to my front page like a blog roll. If not I can manually do a weekly update kind of post.

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