More on Larry Sidor’s plans

Right on the heels of the news that Brewmaster Larry Sidor is leaving Deschutes Brewery at the end of this year, The Daily Pull today publishes some additional information:

Just days after the announcement that brewmaster Larry Sidor will be leaving Deschutes Brewery, Portland Business Journal reports that “Sidor and two business partners, including tbd advertising founder Paul Evers, have raised $1.1 million for a company called 856 Brewing Co. LLC.”

A couple interesting points to note: According to the filing, the new brewery’s address is listed as 856 NW Bond Street, which is only a block and a half away from the Deschutes Brewery and Public House in Bend.

856 NW Bond Street is, in fact, tbd advertising’s own address, so it seems likely that it is merely the business address used to file the documents. (Or they are planning to start up an “office brewery” similar to Portlandia Brewing that Ezra wrote about here, and that Brady also references.)