More about the Jubelale

I’ve posted the press release for this year’s Jubelale (which I received yesterday). Some interesting bits:

Brewer John Abraham describes this year’s Jubelale as having a spiced nose, with hints of citrus, brown sugar and pine. Flavors of chocolate, molasses, dates, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves stand out against the caramel backbone from the 1,400 pounds of medium and dark crystal malt. Five malts and seven varieties of hops lace smoothly through the last sip. A proper pour will give up one and a half to two fingers of firm, almond biscotti-colored head.

The annual Bend countdown to Jubelale will begin in mid-September, with local reader boards counting down the days until the October 1 release. Both the Portland and Bend Pubs will host Jubelale release parties on October 1. The Portland Pub’s celebration will feature Jubelale art through the years, as part of Portland’s monthly “First Thursday” Gallery Walk.

Interesting, that they sent out the PR bottles a full month before the official release. Jeff thinks this is a good thing: “It means that the brewery is ahead of the game and allowing the little darlins to pass out of adolescence in time for delivery.”

At any rate, I’ll drink at least one for review soon.


  1. I’d be interested to see a review of a bottle drank now versus one drank in the deepest of winter to see the difference in the aging (albeit short aging).

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