Molson Kick

Molson unveils new lager with a different type of kick – caffeine:

Molson Canada announced Sunday that you’ll soon be able to buy a beer with a different kind of kick – caffeine.

Molson Kick is a lager that will contain guarana, a South American plant that’s a natural source of caffiene.

The beer will be available throughout Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada beginning March 21 and in the Atlantic provinces on April 1.

It will be marketed in what the brewer calls "a sleek, fast chilling aluminum bottle," as well as cans.

Molson says the 355 ml aluminum bottle chills faster and is lighter than a glass bottle.

A couple of things about this. Guarana is a fruit, so I wonder if it will impart a fruit quality to the beer—not that there’s anything wrong with that, but fruit and lagers aren’t usually paired together. And the aluminum bottle actually sounds more newsworthy (to me) than caffeinated beer. Anyone seen any of these yet?


  1. I just finished drinking a sample of Kick as I read through this website. I’ve had a couple of them now and the caffeine boost doesn’t seem to have much to it. It doesn’t taste fruity or sweet at all. If I didn’t know better I’d think I was drinking a Coors Lite. I like the aluminum bottle idea. It looks great and is a great eye-catcher. I think it will be a hit with a younger crowd.

  2. I bought some today, mainly to get the bottle for my collection before this stuff gets banned or somehing. Aluminum bottle? Mine came in regular glass beer bottles.

    It tastes somewhere between Coors Light and Canadian. After drinking one, I felt more like a had a cup of coffee than a beer. This would probably be a good beer to have at work on your lunch break, lol. You don’t get as lazy.

    I won’t be buying it again however, as I usually like to relax before bed with a few beers, and do not want any stimulants in there. I’m sure it will be popular in bars and clubs though.

  3. I hear the company making the aluminum bottles is having problems keeping up with the production, thats the reason for some glass containers. They also make an aluminum bottle for Steel City beer in Pittsburgh.

  4. I work for a demonstration company and Molson told us that the aluminium bottle are only for Bars and restaurants. The classic glass bottles are for the retail (grocery)

  5. I tried this kick out last night. had one after a couple pilsners. i gotta say this beer is pretty awesome. it really gave me some energy. however, the thought of somebody drinking alot of them in one session scares me a little bit. hope they don’t ban it or something like that.

  6. Me and my boyfriend had each 3 ‘Kicks’ yesterday, and let me tell you how EXCITED we were. It’s so intense. One bottle is probably some equivalent of a cup of coffee- maybe more! We still drank a few PICHTERS "normal" beer afterwards, and even 6h later we were still nervous and excited from the caffeine!

  7. Oh yeah…this is the ticket ! Great job on this one I tell ya ! It’s the best thing Iv’e ever tasted and I haven’t even tried the *OTHER* brewery’s reply yet….don’t think I need to though

    Oh and YES, I can do a television commercial – I OWN the name TBM ;0)

  8. Ok Ok Ok…
    I think there is to much "ZIP" in this beer. I had a six pack to myself after drink at a pub and WOW I’m sitting here at 1:30 (AM) and I’m jumping like a 3 year old. I’m thinking, what did the dope man put in this beer? CrAzzY BEER. Make sure you have nothing to do the next day after drinking kick…… On second thought
    I might start drinking kick to start the day because this buz is nuts!!!!

    molson crack!!!

  9. ive been reading alot about this beer cause i heear its good……i wanna drink it this weekend…so i wonder what will happen when i finish a 15 of it? probally wont be able to sleep but i cant wait haha

  10. I’m on my second case of Kick, not in one sitting. I find that the caffeine dosen’t really make a difference. I think it’s a great tasting beer and i enjoy it intensly but i don’t find the caffeine does much for me

  11. I think it was a great idea! Instead if getting tired and lazy while partying, i just get more excited and stay wide awake!

  12. kick is the shit… you drink it and instead of getting sloshed and lazy you get tanked but energetic at the same time.. this shit is awesome

  13. I usually drink REV’s which has the same caffeine kick, so whoever thought to put it in a beer is a genious!

  14. this beer was good, but i’m questioning how healthy the caffiene and guarana is after 6 beer. its now 430 am, and still awake…fair enough…however, it might just be me but i also have a limp one that wont do anything…i mean honestly its freaking me out…….i never saw it coming but with the girl "it" just went limp after 15 mins, and i’m a 20 yearold man!……i’m never drinkin this stuff again 🙁

  15. …molson kick is wickett…..icould actually stay awake and have fun…it was sweet!!

  16. C’est incroyable de voir qu’un tel produit comme molson kick est mis sur le marchĂ©. Avez-vous rĂ©flĂ©chis aux effets nĂ©fastes du jumelage d’un stimulant et d’un dĂ©presseur…Jusqu’Ă  quel point ce produit peut ĂȘtre dangeureux???

  17. i’m getting this stuff tonight to drink i can’t wait sorry to here about your limp dick hope that works out for u

  18. What the bloddy hell is the song that plays in the commerical for Molson Kick; and MOLSON KICK KICKS THE SHIT OUT OF ALL THE OTHER BEERS, I NO LONGER DRINK COURS(that shit). Molson changed me i love their new beer butif i could just know the damn song in the commerical

  19. it is tha most discusting beer i have ever tasted and it wrecked my weekend i sugest never buying this beer it is not worth it at all.

  20. so …. ppl say this beer is the most tastin thing and keep them up all night!!
    i gotta go wid daves fact on this one, its the most pathetic beer i have drank, we musta drank about 9 each and all i felt like was SHIT!!!


  22. I drank 9 of these in less than an hour and couldn’t sleep! it was wicked cuz i didnt go 2 sleep and was still hyper after like 12 hours so i was even energetic for work the next morning it was amazing

  23. Ok, why not drink something like BAWLS for your caffeine kick, one drink is equivalent to around 2 1/2 cups of coffee. Down a few of those and you won’t need to get drunk.

  24. The beer tastes like shit!.. period. Caffine comes in CocaCola, coffee and illicit drugs.. MOLSON.. If you want to corner the youth market, try putting cocainia back in beverages.. I like drinking then going on an upper then drinking to come down..let’s skip a step and bring narcotics back into the drinking public without them knowing.. I’ll accept all requests for marketing soloutions at thankyou.

  25. I had 3 Kicks one evening starting at 8:00 PM and finished at about 11:00 then went on to Coors light until 1:00 I laid awake in bed until 5:45AM slept for 25 minutes then wide awake again for the rest of the day. I really liked the taste of the beer but will probably never drink another one. This is the closest thing to liquid drugs and can not be good for the system. Besides I don’t think the world really needs "wide awake drunks", that’s just asking for more trouble.

  26. Me and a friend drank 6 kicks each yesterday and we had the scariest buzz ever. The next morning I had the worst hangover ive ever had. I cant say the taste is any better than normal beer. But after what happened, next time Il stick to normal stuff like Stella Artois and Sleemans

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