Mojo India Pale Ale

Mojo India Pale AleCatching up on my reviews (but not entirely in my beers), tonight’s is Mojo India Pale Ale, from Boulder Beer Company in Colorado (warning: annoying Flash site with popups). Good beer, nothing gimmicky or experimental going on here, just a solid IPA at 6.8% alcohol by volume. Not my favorite IPA of all time, but not the worst, either.

Appearance: Clear and golden—the color of honey. Bone-white head on top, very nice.

Smell: Hops—floral and citrusy. Not overwhelming, but the hops are the dominant aroma here.

Taste: Pleasantly fruity from the hops, along with grassy (green) hoppiness. The malt is light and refreshing. You can just taste the alcohol simmering beneath all else…

Mouthfeel: Thin for an IPA. Smooth. Almost a juice-like character.

On BeerAdvocate, the beer scores 87 out of 100 with an impressive 99% approval rate. On RateBeer, it’s a similar story, 3.66 out of 5 and in the 91st percentile for its style.