Miscellaneous beer notes

Some random notes and observations this week that didn’t warrant their own post.

Deschutes‘ official press release that was included with the bottle of The Abyss they sent me also mentions two other Reserve Series beers that will come out this year: The Dissident and an Imperial Black Butte Porter. All wax-dipped, with a suggested retail of $10.

News to me… I did a quick search for "The Dissident" and came up with two links: the Brewery’s Distributor welcome page and a post on RateBeer. Looks like The Dissident will be a Belgian Style Sour Brown (an Oud Bruin) with fresh, sour cherries. Wow.

– At the store the other day I noticed yet another new "Blue Moon" seasonal (Blue Moon is the Coors craft brewer line): Rising Moon Spring Ale. It’s brewed with lime leaves and peel… interesting. According to their site, they’ve now got a beer for each season (aside from their "standard" White Ale).

Their website, though… all in Flash, and it asked for age verification twice. Huge no-no. I don’t like that.

– I am amusingly amazed at the sheer number of macrobrews that exist. I shouldn’t be, I know, but since I so rarely pay attention to the "cheap" part of the beer aisle, other than a cursory glance, it’s eye-opening to go in-depth. All prepping for American Macro Week next week, of course.