Old Mill Brew Wërks closing update

Quick follow up to my story yesterday about Old Mill Brew Wërks closing: we stopped in today for their last day for a couple of happy hour-priced apps and a beer and picked the brain of our server a bit to find out more details. According to her, it’s the restaurant part that is closing, as they reorganize and transition to new owners. There will (probably) be a remodel involved and they’re targeting being (re)open by March 23, in time for spring break April 1. Take it with a grain of salt, as appropriate, until we see otherwise.

Not really sure where that leaves the brewing part of the business, because it sounded a bit like they were reworking at end of things as well but as near as I can tell it’s up in the air (they just have “things planned”). A quick OLCC check shows Brew Wërks Brewing holding their brewpub license through October of 2015 for what it’s worth.

So for now I am considering them (restaurant and brewery) closed, unless I definitively hear otherwise. If they come back with the same name by March, then I’d likely consider (at least the brewery part) still open after all, but for now they’re on my “Closed” list.

Update: I got word from one of the new owners that April 1 is the targeted opening date.