Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection

Today I received the Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection from Anheuser-Busch, plus a set of six Michelob beer glasses. This Sampler Collection is a special 20-pack of four "premium all-malt beers" that essentially constitutes a seasonal variety pack from Michelob. The four beers are their Pale Ale, (Bavarian-style) Wheat, Marzen, and Porter.

The glasses are very cool, too; Pilsner-style glassware with unusual stems at the base (you can see what I mean in the picture below). This is definitely the largest PR package that I’ve thus far received, and I’ll post the usual disclaimer: it’s free, and there are no strings attached, and I will write about it freely and be honest and transparent in my reviews.

(In writing this I can’t help but think about the beer blogging ethics debate that flared up among a number of blogs recently; for the overall summary/aggregation of it all, Jay’s post is unparalleled. Good issues are raised all around there, but in general I’m shooting from the hip in this blogging ethics thing, pretty much defining it for myself as I go. (Of course, I also feel I have more freedom to do that in many ways.) You’ll all have to let me know how I’m doing.)

Anyway, I’ll be writing up reviews on these Michelob seasonals over the next few days; I think the last time in recent memory I’ve had a Michelob (etymologically, I love that word) was a Michelob Ultra a couple of years ago when nothing else was available. (Didn’t care for it.) Beyond that? Couldn’t say. So this is good.

Check out the pictures:

Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection, plus glasses

This gives a pretty good idea of the size of this package; 20 bottles in the box, plus there was a second box with the 6 glasses (2 of which are here).

Michelob specialty glasses

A slightly fuzzy picture of the glasses. Silver rimmed tops, etched logos, and the curved stem base (detail below).

Michelob specialty glass close-up


  1. As a brewery that sends out samples to many bloggers let me give you Flying Dog’s perspective on your ethics issue. We don’t expect favorable reviews or for than matter, reviews at all. We just want people that are reviewing beers to a public audience to at least be aware of what we have available. Just keep being honest.

  2. I am unconflicted about this. When I wrote "professionally" (that is, when my beer money was paid by Celebrator and Willamette Week), the biggest perk I got was free beer. I think it’s akin to movie reviewers getting to see movies for free. It doesn’t–and shouldn’t–affect the review. There was one brewery in the city whose beer at the time I hated (pre-Van Havig Rock Bottom), and so I just never did a review. They hated me for it, but they would have hated my reviews a lot more.

    Say, what’s the price point for the Michelob Specialty collection? Are they aiming to target craft beer drinkers who want good beer on the cheap, or macro drinkers who are more likely to try a familiar brand?

  3. I purchased a sampler collection of 20 beers/ 5 of each variety that is listed above. The cost was $18.00. I have never tried any of the varieties in the collection and still have not at this time. I am quite fond of Michelob Amber Bock which has been my pick for the past year since I first tried it. Nice rich taste serve ice cold.

  4. Yeah, I just saw it locally for 18.99 at the grocery store… so for 20 bottles, that’s not bad… I think their priced nicely in between the macro and craft beer points so as to try to attract both.

  5. Picked up the 20 pack sampler at Sam’s Club for $15. I’m a big fan of the Wheat and Pale Ale. I just might like the Pale Ale better than Siera Nevada’s IPA. Too bad AB only sells 20 pack samplers. I could do without the Porter but really like the others.

  6. How do I get Michelob to send me a Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection. I can’t find it anywhere in Orlando, FL

  7. I would like to find where to purchase those glasses. Ive looked everywhere and can’t find them. My father and I would both like a set and I wanted to get him one for his birthday coming up. Anybody know please email me. ryanm12@hotmail.com

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