Michelob Honey Wheat

Michelob Honey WheatObviously I wasted no time in trying one of the beers I received in the PR package yesterday: Michelob Honey Wheat was the one. Apparently this one is so new that there’s no reference to it on the Michelob website, nor any general reference on the rest of the web neither.

So I guess that makes me the first. Cool—but it’s kind of a pain, as well. I can’t find anything that indicates what percentage of alcohol it has, for instance. (I’d guess about 5.5%.) (Actually, I received the official press release today, which gives a bit more detail.)

This beer is billed as being brewed with orange blossom honey, from the orange orchards of Florida and California.

Appearance: Clear golden color with pure white head on the pour.

Smell: Pretty light, a touch of sweet and a hint of grass, but otherwise it’s fairly nondescript.

Taste: Crisp and sweet—bordering on cloying. That sweetness definitely comes from a light honey. (Though not at all dry like a mead.) A bit floral, with wheat-slash-grass notes.

Mouthfeel: Light, effervescent, crisp and sticky-sweet.

Overall: Surprisingly sweet; okay for a wheat beer but it’s not my favorite—the cloying sweetness detracts from the beer for me.

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