Avery Maharaja at Belmont Station

Belmont Station’s blog had a post the other day about Avery Maharaja:

I had one of these yesterday, and I can still taste the hops. This is easily one of the hoppiest, most resinous beers I’ve ever had; it even gives Ruination a run for its money. If you love hops, and I mean LOVE hops, you’ll want to snag a few of these before they run out. This isn’t "balanced" by any stretch of the word, but when hops taste this good, who cares?

Sounds excellent… if it’s as good as Hop Trip or Hop Henge, I’m so there. Unfortunately, I’m not so there, as there’s no plans for going to Portland anytime soon…

And, I think it’s pretty awesome that one of Portland’s best and coolest beer stores has a blog.


  1. Thanks for the praise! It’s encouraging to know that people are actually reading it and I’m not just writing to entertain myself.

    FWIW – Most of our beer is delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays, so those are probably the best days to check out the blog if you’re curious about what’s new here in Oregon.

  2. Tuesday and Fridays, right on. It’s a good hint as to when to stop in, should I (or any Portlanders) be in the area. 🙂

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