Magnolia Brewery’s Strong Beer Month

Via RateBeer comes this news about San Francisco’s Magnolia Pub & Brewery‘s Strong Beer Month (all this February).

Magnolia and the 21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant have teamed up once again to celebrate this rich brewing tradition. Our cellars are full of wintertime ales designed to provide comfort and warmth while delighting the palate. Some were begun as early as August or September in anticipation of their imminent February 1st tapping. These special offerings are a thanks to our loyal customers and a respectful tribute to the role such commemorative beers have always held in their communities. They’re also an amazing opportunity for us, as brewers, to explore the most creative facets of our craft.

Both breweries have pulled out all the stops this year to make this Strong Beer Month the best yet. Five strong ales will flow from the Magnolia taps and four more from the faucets of the 21st Amendment, a record for both breweries. Try all nine, anytime in February (while supplies last), and keep the special stemmed glass. T-shirts will be available for sale, too (including a rare reappearance of Old Thunderpussy shirts a little later in the month).

Gotta wonder where they get the name "Old Thunderpussy Barleywine." From their Ales page, it says it’s "a tribute to the most famous tenant of our historic building." Oookay…