Lost and Found Abbey Ale

Lost and Found Abbey Ale labelLost and Found is another Lost Abbey beer, an abbey style ale (a Dubbel, according to BeerAdvocate) with an unusual addition: raisins. According to their site, they "created a special raisin puree for this beer." You don’t see that too often! I love it when a brewer gets creative. (Even better when it’s successful.)

It’s an 8% alcohol beer… with a 750ml bottle, you have to be careful. One to enjoy slowly, or with friends.

Appearance: Clear mahogany color as I poured… reminded me of iced coffee. Not much of a head. Final pour is nice dark brown with garnet edges.

Smell: Not much at first sniff… mild aromas. Cognac, brandy-ish, dark fruit. Sweet like a barleywine. Very mellow.

Taste: Warm and malty and rich, candy sugar, plums, figs, toasted grain, dark caramel, a hint of licorice, liqueur notes from the alcohol. Very good, almost a dessert beer to my mind.

Mouthfeel: Lots of body here, very full but not being overly thick/syrupy.

Overall: Good, very interesting. The raisins definitely push this beer into the dessert territory I mentioned.

On BeerAdvocate, it scores 87 out of 100, with 100% of reviewers approving. On RateBeer, it scores 3.71 out of 5 and is in their 93rd percentile.