Looking back on 2012

Suge Knite at Broken Top Bottle ShopIt’s been awhile I think since I last did a year-end roundup of beer news, so I went back through the archives for 2012 and pulled out some of the highlights for the past year. I suppose for a Bend, Oregon-based beer blog I’d naturally be biased towards Oregon and Bend in particular, but I do have to say, looking back, that this did seem to be the “year for Bend beer” when you tally it all up. Here’s the rundown:

And of course, there were lots of other things that happened in 2012 as well that I didn’t cover above; many Oregon breweries opened, many crazy new beers were brewed, and craft beer was and is on the rise. I expect to see all of this and more in 2013, and I think 2013 is going to be a great year!

Happy New Year all!

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