Long Hammer IPA PR pack

One of the many things I’m loving about blogging—and blogging about beer in particular—is the marketing perks that I’m receiving. This time around, it’s samples of Long Hammer IPA from Redhook. I ran the press release back in February for the (re)release of it, and recently was contacted to find out if I’d be interested in samples. Uh, yeah!

I expected one or two bottles to try, so imagine my surprise when the box came this week and there are 12 bottles of the IPA for me. That’s right, a half-rack. Between this and the Lost Abbey ales I received, I’m a happy blogger.

I’ll take some pictures in the next day or so, and then review the beer as well. I’m thinking I might start a new category or sidebar that features the blog posts and reviews of the beer samples I receive. Hmm.

And for the record, I’m more than happy to receive press releases, PR materials, samples, marketing, whatever. I will always give a fair shake and do my best to deliver a fair and impartial review. Yes, sometimes I may actually not like something and I will write as much—but I will be fair about it.