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Liquid Solutions is closing

I saw this news last week but hadn’t really had time to fully process or address it: online beer retailer Liquid Solutions is closings its doors.

It is with a heavy heart that I am closing the business down after nine years of operation. We are shutting down the website and liquidating our entire inventory out of the warehouse. We are selling all beer, mead and ciders at 10-30% below cost. Hundreds of great beers are available. For a list of products see the post below. Come to the warehouse early for the best selection.

There is also a list of beers available for liquidation, but if you’re able to go there’s no guarantee that any of these will be still available.

Beyond that, of course, is a deeper regret on seeing the site shuttered; while the site itself was a little rough around the edges, it was still incomparable as far as online beer stores go, both in selection and with their vintage auctions. Not to mention that they offered an affiliate program—as regular visitors here have undoubtedly noticed. That alone put them ahead of other online stores I’ve come across.

Definitely a loss to the internet beer community, and they will be missed.