Lindemans apple lambic

Lindemans Pomme lambicSaw this press release on BeerAdvocate today: Introducing Lindemans Pomme, Apple Lambic From Belgium.

Lindemans Pomme, authentic apple lambic from Belgium. The flavor of a lambic is dry, complex, tart, and like no other beer. Frequently, lambics have fruit added as the perfect flavor balance, and the bright freshness of apples pairs with layered lambic flavors brilliantly. Added in the form of pure juice, apples contribute to a light body, a glowing golden color, and an aroma that is a bushel of freshly-picked apples direct from the orchard.

Yum. I’ve yet to meet a Lindemans that I didn’t like. I’ll be on the lookout for this.

Interesting that the apple is added in juice form… I homebrewed an apple ale once, using whole apples from my uncle’s tree. All that fruit floating around in the beer was kind of a pain… and looked kind of gross after awhile. Juice would definitely be worth a try.


  1. When I brew beer with fruit in it, I usually puree it in a blender first, because it does look kind of gross to have it floating around. Plus, it clogs the tap. Juice isn’t a bad idea.

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