News of the weird: Brewing company goes looking for Lemurians. It’s very odd; I’ve heard the term "Lemurians" before but I didn’t know they were supposed to be living on or under Mt. Shasta.

Even worse, I didn’t know there was a brewing company in Weed (California)! We drove through there a little over a month ago when we took a trip to San Diego.

Plenty of lore surrounds the Lemurians, a mysterious civilization some say is real and others consider the leprechauns of the north state.

Regardless, the Mount Shasta Brewing Co., based in Weed, wants to know what a Lemurian looks like. Owner Vaune Dillmann said his Siskiyou County brewery has concocted a beer dubbed "Lemurian Lager."

Seen a Lemurian lately?

The Mount Shasta Brewing Co. in Weed is holding a contest asking for images of Lemurians, a fantastic civilization said to inhabit Mt. Shasta. The winning picture or description, received by Nov. 26, will bring $100 and become the label for the brewery’s latest beer, Lemurian Lager.

Seems innocuous enough. But you can always count on the crazies to come out of the woodwork…

But in the spiritually attuned city, not everyone is pleased with the idea of a Lemurian marketing a cold frothy one.

"It’s like advertising Jesus drinking beer," Aurelia Louise Jones of Mount Shasta said in disgust.

Jones, a writer and leader of spiritual workshops, said she is in contact with Lemurians and has written books about them in four languages.

Making Lemurians advocates of alcohol is ridiculous, ignorant and breeds misconceptions about them, she said.

"They are beings of light. They don’t drink beer, and they would be a very poor representation," she said.