Latest print article: Silver Moon and their Boysen the Wood

Silver Moon Boysen the Wood

My latest print article out in my local paper this week is on Silver Moon Brewing‘s latest limited release: Boysen the Wood, the dual-pack barrel-aged boysenberry Baltic porter. It comes in two barrel flavors: Oregon Spirit Distillers Straight American Whiskey, and Crater Lake Spirits Rye Whiskey. The original intent was to blend the two, but:

“The team had a really hard time deciding which barrels we liked more when we were selecting it for GABF,” (head brewer Jacob) Zuchowksi said. “I had the idea then to squirrel away four barrels of each to package off separately so people could experience the same thing.”

As it happens, there is a blended version on tap at the downtown Bend pub, but I do not expect that to last long. These are really good beers, worth picking up a set.

Silver Moon Boysen the Wood wax top

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