Latest print article: GoodLife Brewing’s Secret Stash

GoodLife Brewing Secret Stash #002

My latest print article which published last week is on GoodLife Brewing‘s Secret Stash Experimental IPA series and the latest “spring IPA” in particular: GoodLife Secret Stash for spring.

The first beer in the series launched in January and was a double-strength northwest IPA, full of pine and earthy citrus character. For April and May, the brewery brainstormed a lighter-bodied ale for the seasonal transition into spring. It released Secret Stash #002, a “spring IPA,” at the beginning of the month.

GoodLife’s lead cellarman Curtis Nelson and brewer Brittany Schuler developed the recipe, aiming for a lighter-bodied ale with bright, fruity hop character. Over a light Pilsner malt base they opted for a blend of German and American hops and finished with a bit of lemongrass for a citrus twist. The combination was selected to highlight bright, springtime flavors.

Secret Stash #002 is a good beer, make sure to get some while it’s available through the rest of this month.