Latest print article: Crux’s new Peach Farmhouse

Crux Fermentation Project Peach Farmhouse

What’s new? That’s the question posed by Crux Fermentation Project‘s new beer series making its way into bottles, kicked off by their new Peach Farmhouse which I wrote about for this week’s article in my local paper.

If you walk into Crux Fermentation Project and ask, “What’s new?” odds are, you will end up with a snifter, or perhaps even a bottle, of Peach Farmhouse, one of their latest beers. This saison-style ale infused with peaches is the first in a new series of bottled beers from the 5-year-old brewery, which takes on a whimsical if informal name.

“The goal with this ‘What’s New’ series is to highlight the fun stuff our brewers are doing by releasing small amounts of different creations in 500 milliliter bottles throughout the year,” said Jason Randles, the brewery’s marketing manager. “Everyone always asks, ‘what’s new,’ so we thought that was a fun, straightforward name for the series without being too clever or obscure.”

It’s a tasty beer and one that holds up well to this summer heat; the peaches definitely lighten it up and give it a refreshing fruitiness and crisp body. I haven’t tried the bottled version yet so I’m curious as to how it compares to the draft.