Latest print article: The Ale Apothecary’s tasting room is now open

The Ale Apothecary tasting room

My latest article for The Bulletin that came out yesterday is about The Ale Apothecary‘s new tasting room, a long time coming, which is now open. I give a bit of backstory behind the brewery and also highlight Sahati a bit, the Finnish-inspired ale that Paul Arney brews using a hollowed-out spruce tree trunk.

The tasting-room experience is more akin to that of a winery than of a brewery. Patrons can purchase a full bottle (prices range from $25 to $50) or 4- or 8-ounce single pours ranging from $5 to $12. There is no beer available on tap.

“I tell people if you want RPM (IPA, from Boneyard), Cabin 22 is right across the street,” said Arney. And GoodLife is next door, opposite the courtyard.

Arney had recently given me and several other media folks a private tour of the new tasting room, and I have some pictures from that to post soon. It’s a great spot, open Thursdays and Saturdays, and if you enjoy Ale Apothecary beers it’s well worth the stop.