Latest print article: 10 years of 10 Barrel

10 Barrel Brewing

This week’s article for the Bend Bulletin’s GO! Magazine is on the tenth anniversary of 10 Barrel Brewing, and the anniversary party coming on Saturday, May 13. I take a bit of a retrospective which includes the Anheuser-Busch acquisition, as well as talking about the beers and the event itself.

I don’t take the same stance that Jeff Alworth did about the anniversary (“there is, literally, no 10 Barrel Brewery”) because despite the purchase there has been a continuity of people, equipment, brewers, and so on. Not to say AB hasn’t accelerated their growth by quite a bit, and it’s hugely important to be transparent about that. Ten years is ten years, and it’ll be a pretty big party Saturday night.

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  1. I will not support 10 Barrel. What AB has done with forcing craft beer off of the shelf space at Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, ect is just as disgusting of a tactic as them cutting buying all the African hop farms and then cutting off supplies to craft breweries. Every dollar you spend at 10 Barrel goes to support these practices.

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