Photo journal of a lambic brewery

Over on Thom’s Beer Blog, they have a photo post of the Brasserie Cantillon, a brewer of lambic in Brussels. I thought it was pretty cool because it documents a bit about how lambics are made and the kinds of things that go into this unusual style of beer.

True Belgian lambics are famous for being brewed and stored under what we would consider unsanitary conditions—in fact, it’s the wild yeast and bacteria that "infect" the cooling wort (exposed to open air) that ferments the beer and gives it its unique character.

The beer is then aged in barrels for up to three years, collecting dust and cobwebs, before being blended and bottled for consumption. I particularly like those cobweb-storage photos, and the ones with foam bubbling out of the barrels.

Lots of good pictures, and commentary to go with it. Go check it out.