Lakefront Brewery Week

Lakefront Brewery WeekIt’s the third Monday of the month, so that means it’s Theme Week here at the Brew Site. For this month I’m reviewing the beers of Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This actually goes back to Pumpkin Beer Week last November; I reviewed Lakefront’s Pumpkin Lager and noted that in addition to the pumpkin beer I had request, they sent along their eight beer variety pack. Unfortunately, I had not yet gotten around to writing about those beers so I decided to devote this month’s Theme Week to doing so.

(Since writing about eight beers in a row would basically amount to the same thing anyway.)

Here’s a picture of the variety pack box:

Lakefront Variety 8 Pack

I’ve since seen this elsewhere, but when I received it, it was my first exposure to it. It’s a great way to do a sampler pack, especially for a brewery that produces a large number of beers. And the box is sturdy and closes up tight, as well.

The beer from the pack (they don’t quite match the packaging on the box):

  • White Beer
  • Cream City Pale Ale
  • Cattail Ale
  • Riverwest Stein Beer
  • Organic ESB
  • Oktoberfest
  • Eastside Dark
  • Fuel Cafe

That’s the order I’ll be posting the reviews, incidentally.

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