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Kobold Brewing: Bend, Oregon’s latest brewery

Bend, Oregon’s newest brewery is one that slipped in under the radar, selling their first keg of beer to the Platypus Pub right at the end of 2015: Kobold Brewing. Owner and brewer Steve Anderson started out homebrewing (he’s a member of the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization) and he’s starting out ambitious, going right into barrel aging: that first beer at the Platypus Pub, named Lawful Evil, a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout.

Bend’s alt-weekly, The Source, had a short paragraph about the new brewery last week:

Central Oregon’s 29th brewery (depending on how you count them) is Kobold, owned and operated by veteran homebrewer Steve Anderson. He’s built a 600-square-foot brewhouse on his property in northwest Bend, housing a two-barrel system he’s using to produce ales and lagers. On tap at Platypus Pub a bit ago was Lawful Evil, a bourbon barrel-aged stout that surprised many who tried it—full-flavored and woody without hitting you over the head with booze. Barrel aging is one of Anderson’s main focuses with Kobold, and it’ll be fun to see what else he comes up with as the year unfolds.

(Credit: Kevin Gifford)

In addition to the Lawful Evil, other beers are listed on the website:

You can also follow their Facebook page here. Barrel aging is an interesting model as a primary focus, so Kobold will be one to watch.