Kegerator giveaway

I got the email for this a little while ago and kept forgetting to post it, and I’ve noticed the other beers blogs have been beating me to the punch, so here we go: The Kegerator Give-Away. It’s a contest running from June 1st through August 1st wherein you submit a paragraph describing why you deserve to win the free kegerator. One entry per person.

They’ll draw a winner sometime after August 1st and notify them before September 15th. I’m a little concerned with actually receiving the prize:

4. Prize must be redeemed within twelve (12) months from the date of award.

6. Any difficulties with getting to locations, or acquiring the means, to participate in the Contest are not the responsibility of

They’re located in Texas; does this mean they won’t ship the kegerator to the winner, instead making it the responsibility of the winner to come pick it up? I’ll send them an email to clarify…


  1. We’ve been seriously considering purchasing a kegerator. The "Man Fridge" only creates more recycling, and the empty bottles smell and look bad in their bins. Plus, we’d save money, right? The only drawback is that we’d have the same beer to drink for too long, and would probably end up buying 6-packs just for variety.

    (sigh) Oh, the troubles of beer drinking….

  2. Nah, the solution you’re looking for is to homebrew. You get to recycle those bottles, *and* save money on beer in the long run. 😉

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