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Jim Koch in the Wall Street Journal

There’s a nice article that appeared today in the Wall Street Journal online: “Revolutionizing American Beer,” being primarily an interview with Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company (brewers of the Sam Adams line of beers). It’s the 25th anniversary of Sam Adams, so it’s apropos, and a good read.

For example:

WSJ: Could craft beer ever represent the biggest segment of the industry?

Mr. Koch: No. I hope not. Because that would mean we dumbed the beer down for volume, and I don’t ever want to see that. I used to say I make beer for 5% of beer drinkers. The reality has always been that 95% of beer drinkers don’t like my beer. Now, that number has probably gone down to 90%. Because most people drink beer for refreshment, and that’s fine. And that’s the domain of the big brewers and they’re great at that.

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