Irish Beer Week: Fin

Irish Beer WeekThis is the first Theme Week where I didn’t actually drink and review any beers, although I did drink McMenamins‘ seasonal Irish Stout after work today, so perhaps that’s not quite accurate.

(It is indeed a fairly dry Stout, with roasty, slightly astringent notes and a low session-level alcohol—4.77%—that makes it very easy to drink.)

To tell the truth, the week got away from me (the world beyond my blogging) and I just didn’t have the time I’d have liked to devote to this month’s Theme. So I apologize if one or more of the last posts seemed like I was phoning it in…

Incidentally, I notice that McMenamins’ next featured beer is their Workingman’s Red, which is an Irish Red Ale in style. Pity they didn’t have any on tap when I was there, or I could’ve capped the week off fully Irish style!